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About Ellen Kency

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I am Brazilian, granddaughter and daughter of Amazonian women and that is why I have indigenous roots. I was always a curious child who liked to ask questions and seek answers, but I also loved creating imaginary worlds, telling stories and drawing. Today, I live in Ireland and for the first time on my journey, I had the opportunity to explore my dream, to make a living out of art. That's why I appreciate every customer friend who purchases and supports my art.

My art is based on the magic world, little magic creatures, fanart, a lot of space influences and galaxies themes. I like to work with folkloric, Japanese art, cultural influences, everything that awakens the imagination.

I like to exercise creativity in simple and routine themes and go beyond themes that develop in the complexity of inspiration. I share creativity tips on my social networks and I've already done some challenges to interact with followers.

My art now extends to small polymer clay sculptures and resin pieces. I have a small online store where I have some pieces of sculpture, original paintings and print art.

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