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Store Policy

Shipping Policy

We can ship worldwide.

Note that:

Shipping to some countries may cost more than others. This will depend on how far your country is from Ireland, where the artist is based.

Some countries take longer to deliver. South American countries require a little patience in delivery, as postal services often take a long time to deliver international orders.

It is unusual for printed artwork to be taxed upon entry into delivery countries. If this happens, it is related to the policy of your country.

Return and Refund Policy

We do not exchange the chosen art once it is delivered to the requested address.

If your art arrives damaged in any way, please send a photo and message to within 3 days for it to be replaced.

Downloadable products

Downloadable files are not authorized for reproduction in any way.

You are not authorized to use these files for anything other than personal use.

Purchased or free files are not authorized for commercialization of any kind.

If these rules are not complied with, the person responsible will respond in court.

Data Protection

This site is committed not to sell, make available or expose its customers' data. By registering your email here on this site, we are committed not to send too many emails to your inbox with spam emails. We know nobody likes that! =)

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